A lot has changed since 2000. 20 years ago, Bon Jovi and NSYNC were topping the charts. The World Trade Center was still standing. The Toyota Prius was brand new. People hadn’t heard of Instagram or the iPhone or COVID-19. In two decades, our world has shifted and changed in major ways, both good and bad.

In 2000, Senior Gift Planning Counselor Ron Smith and CEO Jenny Nohelty noticed a few things:

  • When things are uncertain, nonprofits and local churches do incredible work for their communities. That’s still true! 2020 was a great example of nonprofits and their donors stepping up in incredible ways to provide pandemic-related aid. 
  • People are generous and want to make a difference. The early 2000s saw the greatest recorded year-over-year growth in charitable giving. Americans are still the most generous people in the world, and most say they want to give more to charitable causes than they currently do.  
  • Though most of their wealth is made up of non-liquid assets like real estate, retirement funds, and other long-term assets, the majority of Americans don’t have a will or estate plan (even those over 55)! Of those who do, many don’t know or understand what theirs says, or they’ve created a generic plan that doesn’t actually do what they intend. 
  • Legacy planning can seem complex and confusing, with tax laws changing all the time. 
  • Nonprofits already have their hands full, and there aren’t many companies out there who provide unbiased education on how estate planning works and non-judgemental guidance on how to get it done. 

So they started a brand new kind of company, and it caught on. We recently sat down with Ron and Jenny, and they shared their vision for Gift Planning Services:

We’d love to tell you more about our signature Legacy Gift Planning Program and how it could be a game-changer for your family or your nonprofit organization.

About the Author: Monique has a background in ministry and higher education, bringing years of experience to the Gift Planning Services team. She has degrees in journalism, Spanish, English literature/writing, and strategic leadership. She loves hearing people’s stories and figuring out ways to use creative storytelling to capture personalities, illustrate complex ideas, and inspire action.

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