My paternal grandfather passed away when I was 11, and my memories of him are blurry around the edges. I know he was an avid gardener, intent to eke out as many fresh veggies as possible from his decidedly suburban lot. He was a tinkerer, and he’d cobble a tool together out of odds and ends and duct tape before he’d spend three dollars at the hardware store to buy the same thing, shiny and new. So when I smell a tomato fresh from the garden or the metallic dampness of a garage workshop, I’m instantly six again, being pushed around his backyard in a wheelbarrow, looking at birds or helping weed a patch of blueberries.

I can imagine he’d have plenty of wisdom to share with me today, but I’m sad to say I don’t remember the stories he told or the rhythm of his voice.

When we work with clients at Apex Legacy Consultants, we take an intentionally holistic approach. That’s what makes Apex Legacy Consultants different from other estate planning companies. Much of our time is still spent focusing on material things: the assets our clients want to transfer to their loved ones and favorite causes, and how to do that in a tax-efficient and strategic way. But all of that flows out of the foundational work of helping donors and families articulate their values, reflect on what makes their family unique and how an inheritance may impact their heirs differently, and dream about the impact they want to have on the causes they care about.

We encourage clients to consider the “softer” side of their legacy, too. We encourage them to write a Legacy Letter to their children and other loved ones. We offer the Legacy Kit to create a comfortable environment and get at the heart of their values and the legacy they want to leave. Now we’re excited to announce creative storytelling packages that would pair wonderfully with a legacy plan to capture and share their story and unique personality with those they love.




Cinematic Legacy Video 

Work with the Apex creative team to record a 4- to 5-minute video that mixes interview-style shots with beautiful, unique footage captured at a location that’s meaningful to the person or family. Incorporate meaningful possessions, favorite jokes or memories, family photos, and more in a video format that could be shared with loved ones now or kept with legacy documents for a future event, like a retirement, anniversary party, or even memorial service.


Director’s Cut of Interview

Sit down in front of a camera—wearing whatever you’d like, at the location you choose—and answer a number of questions that are specially selected to showcase your personality, capture your favorite stories and words of wisdom, and articulate the legacy you’d like to leave. Receive approximately 45 minutes of high-quality, edited footage.


“Legacy Letter” Video

If you’ve taken the time to write a letter to your heirs or loved ones, why not make it a video? We’ll help you select a location and creative feel that fits your personality, and help you capture your letter in a visual way.

Written Profile

If you’d prefer to stay off-camera and have someone else do the writing, we can schedule an interview and provide a written profile or story about you. It’ll showcase your personality and facts about your life, and could be shared with a nonprofit you support or add a personal touch to your legacy plan.

Editing and Design Support

Have you written your own stories or compiled significant components of your life and legacy? We’ll help edit/proofread these materials, or we can create a full-color, printable/frameable PDF version of them using the latest in design and photo editing software.

Sample Legacy Letter


Every family is different, and we can mix and match these packages—or create something completely new based on your unique needs. We’d love to talk with you about what your legacy video or story could look like.



Interested in hearing what we could create for you? Contact us using the form below.

About the Author: Monique has a background in ministry and higher education, bringing years of experience to the Apex Legacy Consultants team. She has degrees in journalism, Spanish, English literature/writing, and strategic leadership. She loves hearing people’s stories and figuring out ways to use creative storytelling to capture personalities, illustrate complex ideas, and inspire action.


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