It’s been just over one month since Jenny Nohelty announced she was stepping down from her role as CEO of Gift Planning Services. 

Before we knew that change was coming, COO Christy Boysen and I had been casually talking about what it would look like when Jenny retired some day; would we want to take over leadership of the company? Would our husbands be on-board, and how could we add our own fingerprints to an established business model we care deeply about? Our team had also been talking about a rebrand. Jenny’s announcement expedited those conversations, and we realized we had a unique opportunity on our hands. 

The last month has been filled with some incredibly difficult conversations and decisions. We’ve had to streamline our team, which meant parting ways with people we respect tremendously and loved working with. We’ve met with all of our current clients, explaining the transition and making plans to continue existing legacy conversations with families. We’ve set up insurance and accounting and spent more time looking at spreadsheets than either of us would choose to! It’s been a busy and exhausting month. But each day, we’re more confident we’ve made the right decision, both to honor those who’ve entrusted us with their legacy plans, and hopefully to move forward with some new clients, too. 

You may have noticed some changes on our social media accounts and website already, but we wanted to take the opportunity to officially introduce you to Apex Legacy Consultants, LLC.

First, a quick note about the name: 

“Apex” has a few significant meanings.

English majors like me have a soft spot in our hearts for words and dictionaries. Look up “apex” on dictionary.com, and you’ll see it means: 

  • the highest point; vertex
  • the pointed end or tip of something
  • a pinnacle or high point, as of a career

But I also grew up in a racing family, so I know that the “apex” is also the point on the inside of a racing turn that drivers aim for in order to elongate the corner, and maintain momentum and control. 

“We love the imagery of legacy planning as a capstone or culminating experience: something that takes all the hard work and ‘momentum’ of someone’s life and puts the finishing touches on it.”

The apex represents a change: there’s a shift in direction, yes, and it can make you hang on for dear life. But done well, corners are what win a race! And isn’t life all about making the most of unexpected seasons and preparing for anything?

Our team had also talked for a while about moving away from the term “gift planning,” because our work includes charitable giving, but it’s more comprehensive and relationship-centric than that. The term “legacy consultants,” we believe, helps broaden the scope of how we’re perceived and has a more natural and all-encompassing fit with what we do.

There are still a lot of moving parts, but we’d be honored if you’d take a minute to help us gain some traction as a new business: 

  • Leave us a review on Google or Facebook
  • Make sure our emails go to your Primary inbox, and not to Spam/Promotions
  • Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

Of course, we’d be especially humbled by your referrals. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in a comprehensive legacy plan, we hope you think of us first. We’d love to talk with you about how our services could fit with where your family, or your organization, is headed!

We’re grateful for you!

Christy Boysen; Co-Founder, CEO     

Monique Kleinhuizen; Co-Founder, CMO     

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