So much can change in a year, and 2021 seemed to be even more unpredictable than most. 

We never thought we’d get so good at Zoom calls or own so many types of face-coverings, and yet here we are.

Pandemic aside and notwithstanding all the other strange headlines of the last year, it’s been about 6 months since we did something neither of us thought we’d do: launch a completely new company from the ground up.

It’s been a crazy year, but we see a huge opportunity to help fill a need for thoughtful, comprehensive legacy planning. Right now in America,

54 Million

Americans are over 65


of adults don’t have a will

$70 trillion

in assets will transfer hands in the next 20 years

If these figures don’t change, a large percentage of those assets will trigger estate tax and significant income tax for heirs. But think of the impact those dollars could have if they were instead directed toward beloved and community-serving nonprofit organizations?

Numbers are only part of the story, of course. People’s values matter. Their stories matter. The causes that people support and volunteer with and stand behind during life should be honored after they’re gone. So many people don’t take the time to think about their legacy because it seems overwhelming, or they’re afraid of making potentially difficult decisions. 

We can help.

We know this stuff. We like people. And we can walk with anyone, step-by-step, as they reflect on what matters to them and create a plan that fits their goals. This shouldn’t be something that people avoid, because the potential impact is INCREDIBLE! But there just aren’t many companies out there doing what we do. 

So we launched Apex, and we’re proud of what we’ve built so far. We brought forward clients from our GPS days and improved upon our partnerships with them. And we’ve launched some exciting new initiatives as well.

As we head into 2022, we’re taking some time to pause and reflect: to celebrate how far we’ve come and gear up for some amazing things on the horizon in the coming year.

We’re glad to know you, and we hope you’ll take a minute to page through this annual report and celebrate with us.

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