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To Help People Maximize Their Legacy Potenatial 


To help charitable organizations increase their impact in ways well beyond their wildest dreams because of the generosity of their donors.

To help individuals and families identify opportunities to leave a legacy that represents their values AND allows them to maximize their gifts to both charities and loved ones.

We Are…

Apex Legacy Consultants are a collection of passionate leaders with the shared belief that charitable organizations have immense potential to change the landscape of the world through the generosity of their donors. With thoughtful legacy planning, donors can cultivate a legacy plan that speaks to the story of their life’s investment and passion. The main objective with each educational presentation and donor meeting is to ensure that the values and desires of each person are reflected in the legacy they leave behind.


We understand how complex finances and charitable giving tools can be – and with our decades of experience, you can trust that we understand how to apply each concept so it best reflects your legacy vision. We guide you through every step, so you can confidently make decisions to leave a lasting legacy.



We are the go-to resource for counsel on financial gifting. We put you at ease by being true to our word and consistent, helping you envision the possibilities in your financial future.



We are your partner, working toward a greater good. We exist to be a resource that provides guidance and clarity throughout the Legacy Planning Program.

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