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At Apex, we’re not attorneys, and we don’t sell financial products. We like to sit in the “middle,” helping donors make the best legacy decisions from a 10,000-foot view, and then keeping their financial professionals, estate attorneys, accountants, family, and favorite nonprofits in the loop about next steps. 

Along the way, we do a fair amount of research on best practices and creative legacy planning ideas. We stay abreast of the latest legislation, emerging nonprofits, and current financial and estate tools. We’ve become experts on this stuff, because we live it and breathe it! 

Our blog is where we share what we’ve learned, including:

  • Tips and tricks for effective fundraising
  • Easy-to-understand definitions and keywords to know
  • How-to guides for making and receiving different types of charitable gifts
  • Stories of donors who’ve created unique plans or navigated interesting dynamics

I hope you enjoy it!

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