Empowering Your Donors to Leave Their Legacy

LEgacy Planning for NonProfits

As a non-profit, donors turn to you to make a difference that they couldn’t otherwise make by themselves. In gratitude for their support, help them create a legacy that reflects their life’s work and passion by offering them our Legacy Planning Program. Through this process, you will see significant growth in legacy commitments, creating endless opportunities to connect with your supporters, while dramatically growing the impact of your mission. 

By providing this complimentary program to your donors, you are helping them create a legacy plan that reflects their values and allows them to maximize their gifts to your nonprofit, other charitable organizations, as well as their loved ones.

We Serve In Practical Ways By:

  • Moving planned giving programs from passive marketing to active gift creation by implementing a Legacy Planning Program for your donors.
  • Walking your donors through a customized, confidential process to envision their estate with their personal, financial, and charitable values in mind.
  • Educating your donors on the various charitable vehicles and estate planning tools available to them.
  • Communicating your donor’s wishes with their professional advisors to create your donor’s legacy plan.
  • Establishing a legacy plan that represents your donor’s values and allows them to maximize their gifts to your nonprofit.

Unlock the Power

of a Lasting Legacy

“I think there’s a shift happening right now in fundraising, where organizations are asking, ‘How can we impact the donor?’ Instead of, ‘How can we get the donor to give to us?’ Legacy planning allows nonprofits like ours to do exactly that: help donors become better stewards and build into their lives.”


– Tom Robertson, Ambassador & Nonprofit Champion

The words I use to describe Apex Legacy Consultants work are professional, knowledgeable, adaptable and warm. Apex comes in with confidence and kindness – true professionals from the moment they walk into the room. Their experience with a myriad of gifting possibilities in an endless variety of contexts partnered with their recollection of the details of specific tax law applications makes them a priceless resource. Apex knows they are there to serve the donor and adapts to each situation both socially and professionally to make your donor feel comfortable and secure. Our Legacy Planning Consultant’s warm demeanor puts clients at ease immediately.


– Mark Hayes, VP of Mission Advancement

“I feel like nonprofits spend too much time on money. The work that Apex did has taken away some off the stress of how to pay bills. It’s allowed our organization to be secure and increase the work we’re doing. I’m getting ready to retire, and now I know that when I leave here, the next person who comes won’t have to ask, ‘Where will we get the money for this?’”


– Mark Neumann, Church Pastor

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If you want to empower your donors to create a thoughtful legacy plan, please contact us for more information.

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