Our Story

Apex Legacy Consultants was started in 2021, building on the 20-year legacy of Jenny Nohelty and Gift Planning Services (GPS). For more than two decades, a small but mighty team has believed that normal people—in partnership with the nonprofits they support—can make a huge difference for their families, and the world, through thoughtful legacy planning. Through our comprehensive program, we’ve helped families gain peace of mind about their estate plans and give more than half a billion dollars to charitable causes. 

When Jenny announced her resignation, GPS team members Christy Boysen and Monique Kleinhuizen realized the time was right to expedite the rebrand and reorganization they’d been thinking about for some time

The name “Apex” has a few significant meanings. According to dictionary.com, it’s:

The highest point; vertex.

The pointed end or tip of something.

Pinnacle or high point, as of a career.

In racing, it’s also the point on the inside of a racing turn that drivers aim for in order to
elongate the corner, and maintain momentum and control. 

“We love the imagery of legacy planning as a capstone or culminating experience: something that takes all the hard work and ‘momentum’ of someone’s life and puts the finishing touches on it.”

We’d love to walk alongside you as you consider your legacy!



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