Your story matters.

Let us help you share yours with those you love.

Creative Storytelling 

A great legacy plan is about so much more than transferring assets in a tax-efficient way. We’re proud to offer a series of creative storytelling packages that you can mix and match with our legacy planning services. You’ll work with the Apex creative team to showcasethrough high-quality video or written wordsthe places, things, memories, and values that mean the most to you. 

Work with Creative Experts to:

Capture your personality through a unique format.
Articulate the legacy you’d like to leave.
Touch the hearts of those you love most in a beautiful, lasting way.

View Our Examples 

Step By Step Creative Guidance


    Work with an experienced creative team at Apex
    Identify your specific project goals and recipients
    Give input at every stage of the creative process
    Add personality and beauty to the legacy plan you’ve put together

Cinematic Legacy Video

5-minute creative video illustrating the personality of a family/individual.

Extended Cut of Legacy Interview

45-minute interview captured in the video format with basic editing.

“Legacy Letter” Video

10-minute artistic rendering of words spoken to a loved one.

Written Profile or Legacy Book

A custom document or book designed by our creative team to tell your family’s story and legacy.

Editing and Design Support

Creative support in creating meaningful and beautiful keepsakes through video and letters. A popular option is a custom “Legacy Letter” personally designed by our creative team.

Do You Have A Different Vision? 

If these options don’t feel like quite the right fit, we would love to hear your ideas and create a custom storytelling experience for you. Set up a creative consultation with our marketing team to get started.

Don’t let your story go untolD

Invest in a meaningful video or print piece that your loved ones will treasure forever. 

Reach Out & Let's Get Creative!

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“I have met with Apex twice and was provided with four options to charitably provide for my church in the future without disinheriting my children. They are on board and in agreement with the option I have chosen. The process is very enlightening and I would urge others to at least listen and consider an option presented by Apex.”


– Anonymous, Donor

“Although we were initially hesitant, as we already worked with another financial advisor, we proceeded to meet for two private sessions. Our meetings included a review of our current financial situation and identifying our priorities for future disbursement of our funds. It was more meaningful to us to see our own financial plan using the options Apex presented, allowing us to protect our children’s inheritance and still able to make gifts to nonprofit organizations.”


– Anonymous, Donors

“It’s been good for our marriage to put our heads together and remember what we’ve been through. Legacy planning is a reflective process, and it’s about knowing you have something – which our gift planner found, we wouldn’t have found it. Now we have something to invest into the causes we find meaningful. It makes a nice closure to the last decade of our lives.”


– Carolyn & John, Donors

“People would be very surprised to learn how much giving they can do, very easily, when they just put the right pieces into place. Apex makes it easy.”


– Bruce & Samantha, Donors

“Our Legacy Planning Consultant did a great job! Easy to work with. They provided us with a great explanation of how charitable estate planning works.”


– Lee, Donor

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