Helping People Maximize Their Legacy Potential

Why Gift Planning?

At Apex Legacy Consultants, we work with charitable organizations to provide planned giving services, training, and education. We seek to:

  • Uncover charitable opportunities.
  • Find donor and nonprofit alignment.
  • Provide expert gift planning counselors.

We operate as an objective third party to educate donors on what their legacy planning opportunities are. We want to see donors maximize their impact to both their loved ones and the causes they support through our Legacy Planning Program. 

How Does Gift Planning Work?


    Connect your organization with one of our dedicated Legacy Planning Consultants.
    Guide donors through a Legacy Planning Program that highlights their specific giving values and goals.
    Develop each donor’s gift planning vision and communicate with the donor’s professional advisors to complete their plan.
    Maximize each donor’s impact, allowing them to give to their heirs and the causes they care about the most.

Unlock the Power of a Lasting Legacy

“I have met with Apex twice and was provided with four options to charitably provide for my church in the future without disinheriting my children. They are on board and in agreement with the option I have chosen. The process is very enlightening and I would urge others to at least listen and consider an option presented by Apex.”


– Anonymous, Donor

The words I use to describe Apex Legacy Consultants work are professional, knowledgeable, adaptable and warm. Apex comes in with confidence and kindness – true professionals from the moment they walk into the room. Their experience with a myriad of gifting possibilities in an endless variety of contexts partnered with their recollection of the details of specific tax law applications makes them a priceless resource. Apex knows they are there to serve the donor and adapts to each situation both socially and professionally to make your donor feel comfortable and secure. Our Legacy Planning Consultant’s warm demeanor puts clients at ease immediately.


– Mark Hayes, VP of Mission Advancement

“I feel like nonprofits spend too much time on money. The work that Apex did has taken away some off the stress of how to pay bills. It’s allowed our organization to be secure and increase the work we’re doing. I’m getting ready to retire, and now I know that when I leave here, the next person who comes won’t have to ask, ‘Where will we get the money for this?’”


– Mark Neumann, Church Pastor

“Our Legacy Planning Consultant did a great job! Easy to work with. They provided us with a great explanation of how charitable estate planning works.”


– Lee, Donor

“It’s been good for our marriage to put our heads together and remember what we’ve been through. Legacy planning is a reflective process, and it’s about knowing you have something – which our gift planner found, we wouldn’t have found it. Now we have something to invest into the causes we find meaningful. It makes a nice closure to the last decade of our lives.”


– Carolyn & John, Donors

“People would be very surprised to learn how much giving they can do, very easily, when they just put the right pieces into place. Apex makes it easy.”


– Bruce & Samantha, Donors

“I think there’s a shift happening right now in fundraising, where organizations are asking, ‘How can we impact the donor?’ Instead of, ‘How can we get the donor to give to us?’ Legacy planning allows nonprofits like ours to do exactly that: help donors become better stewards and build into their lives.”


– Tom Robertson, Ambassador & Nonprofit Champion

“Apex Legacy Consultants, and their entire staff, provides an incredibly useful service for people doing their estate planning to act as intermediary between the numerous counselors and entities they may need to work with, like attorneys, advisors, tax consultants, and charities. And most importantly, Apex does a great job through it all of caring for their clients first and foremost by helping them see the options and potential available to them in fulfilling their charitable aspirations without overpowering the client’s voice in the whole matter. I strongly recommend Apex, especially to those that are even remotely inclined toward charitable giving.”


– Jason Heinen, Attorney at the Law Offices of Mark S. Knutson

“Although we were initially hesitant, as we already worked with another financial advisor, we proceeded to meet for two private sessions. Our meetings included a review of our current financial situation and identifying our priorities for future disbursement of our funds. It was more meaningful to us to see our own financial plan using the options Apex presented, allowing us to protect our children’s inheritance and still able to make gifts to nonprofit organizations.”


– Anonymous, Donors

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