Nonprofit Planned Giving Support & Strategy

We’ll help you maximize the resources you have by providing flexibility, expertise, and hours focused on bringing your planned giving program to the next level.

Why Enhance Your Planned Giving Strategy?

In the next 20 years, we’ll see a massive transfer of wealth between generations. And while many are preparing for this, most aren’t! There is an unprecedented amount of untapped potential for donor generosity, but there’s also an opportunity to educate and partner with donors to help them become more strategic in giving to both their loved ones and favorite causes. By investing in legacy and gift planning, your organization will not only be ready for this transfer of wealth, but you’ll be impacting donors’ lives as much as they’ll impact your organization.

A well-developed planned giving program can give your donors:

  • Financial clarity that empowers them to live more generously.
  • The opportunity to become long-term partners in your mission/vision.
  • Deeper relationships with their families, fostered by important conversations.
  • Incredible tax savings and new wealth-transfer opportunities.

Planned Giving Audit & Strategy

Two 2-hour Group Sessions Plus Materials

These sessions will guide your team in strategic conversations to determine pain points, gaps in your strategies, and long-term vision.

Consulting on Planned Giving Development

Starting at 10 Hours/Month

This consistent support will elevate your current planned giving strategy and complement the resources you have in place. We’ll bring unbiased, agile expertise to your team to fill a gap in staffing or bring inspiration and direction where it’s lacking.

Legacy Planning Program for Donors

Individual/Family or Cohort Options​

Comprehensive legacy planning will provide unmatched education and support for your most committed donors, equipping them to make strategic charitable giving decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every organization has donors, and every donor should have a legacy plan and be thinking about planned giving. Whether you just need affirmation that you’re on the right track, want educational support for a team in transition, or are considering a full-fledged, comprehensive legacy planning program for your key donors, Apex can help!

We can meet you where you’re at, discern what talent, resources, and donors you have to work with and help you grow your program, one step at a time. We bring specific expertise and extensive experience to the table, but we’re also approachable and fun. We
don’t expect you to have it all figured out–that’s why you’re partnering with us!

We’ve worked with a lot of nonprofits, and all sorts of leadership teams. We ask good questions, and our first order of business will be to get to know your organization, its goals and leaders, and where there may be gaps in your planned giving processes and strategies. We can help identify Apex services that might be helpful to you. We have an extensive network and knowledge of the industry, so we can also suggest third-party vendors or resources to pull in where needed. Consider setting up a free 20-minute consultation to talk through some options to get you started!

We work with all types of nonprofits, from schools to camps, community foundations to churches. Apex can support a nonprofit of any size and we tend to have the most success with organizations that are forward-thinking and ready to invest in long-term relationships with donors. 

Ready to get started?

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