Apex Legacy Consultants

We’re a Minnesota-based firm that specializes in planned giving strategy, education, and consulting for nonprofits and their donors.

As planned giving specialists and people passionate about legacy, we’ll work with you to educate and bolster your planned giving program so that your organization and its donors can leave a meaningful legacy. 

Whether you need an outsider’s perspective, a full planned giving strategy, or ongoing support, we’d be happy to help.

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Our team at Apex is incredibly passionate about empowering and inspiring our clients and their donors to be intentional about their legacy. 

We love seeing the lightbulb moment when they realize what intentionality and the right team can help them achieve. 

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Christy Boysen, MA, CFRM, FCEP

Chief Executive Officer &
Legacy Planning Consultant

Christy has served in leadership roles at a variety of nonprofits for nearly 20 years. Specializing in planned giving strategy, she helps nonprofits envision a more sustainable future and donors imagine how they can align their values with their finances through thoughtful legacy planning. 

Through this work, she’s inspired donors to commit hundreds of millions of dollars to loved ones and their favorite causes.

Christy’s undergraduate studies focused on psychology and communication, and she also holds a Master of Arts in Higher Education. She received a Certificate in Fund Raising Management through Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. She is a Fellow in Charitable Estate Planning (FCEP). With this varied background, Christy naturally navigates between the analytical and relational sides of planned giving.

Christy loves biking–she once even cycled across the country for charity–and leads historical food tours in her hometown and at a local winery. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her husband; their dog, Lucy; and 24 thriving houseplants.

Monique Kleinhuizen, MA, FCEP

Storyteller &
Content Strategist

Monique “Mo” has spent almost 20 years providing fundraising, marketing, and creative content strategy to nonprofits of all sizes. She is gifted at taking complex concepts and making them approachable–and believes storytelling is an essential part of inspiring constituent engagement.

Monique studied undergraduate journalism, English, and Spanish. She holds a Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership and is a Fellow in Charitable Estate Planning (FCEP). She can rapidly grasp an organization’s brand and style in order to create presentations, stories, and educational materials that equip fundraising staff and inspire donors toward incredible action.

When she’s not writing something, she’s probably exploring National Parks, working on her vintage Airstream, checking books off her Goodreads list, or perfecting a new recipe. She lives on a tree farm in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her husband, son, and spoiled rotten dog, Indy.

Katelyn Larson

Operations &
Implementation Specialist

Katelyn has an entrepreneurial mind and an uncanny sense for thinking creatively about the future. She’s an experienced operations manager who can take a visionary idea and bring together the best resources and strategies to bring them to life–quickly and thoroughly.

Katelyn has degrees in entrepreneurship and strategic communication. She’s truly a maven when it comes to managing projects, bringing out the best in our team and continually improving how people interact with our company. She brings a crazy level of energy and professionalism to the ever-changing tasks of running a small business.

She’s a world traveler who jumps head-first into new experiences; she’s once went skydiving, bungee-jumping, and cage diving in the span of 24 hours. She seems to always have a fun international trip on the horizon. Katelyn lives in the Twin Cities with her furry sidekick, Finn.

Lauren Ralston


Lauren is the administrative mastermind keeping the wheels on at Apex. From keeping our calendars current to making sure we don’t forget to follow up on leads, she’s irreplaceable. Yep, she’s the kind of person who even schedules out her own weekends! And we love her for it. 

Lauren has a degree in elementary education and years of experience in early childhood and special needs ministry. But her true love is serving companies behind-the-scenes, providing a consistent eye and coordination to communications, processes, and data. 

She loves walking trails and cooking. She’s the designated “baker” in her friends group, and will never turn down coffee, chips and salsa, or mint chocolate chip ice cream. Lauren lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her husband, Stefan–and they’re working on seeing all 50 states by their 50th birthdays

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