Signature Legacy Planning Program


This comprehensive legacy planning experience will happen through monthly meetings with a legacy consultant, and typically takes 4-6 months. We’ll help you organize your important documents, assign estate roles like guardians and powers of attorney, and help you understand and quantify your assets so that you can choose the most tax-efficient and strategic plan for caring for your loved ones and, if you’d like, also making an impact on charities you support. We’ll also help you think through the “softer” side of your plan: the loved ones you may want to write letters to, or stories or heirlooms you want to document. At the end of the program, we’ll connect with your existing financial advisor(s) and/or attorney(s) to help bring your plan to life from a legal standpoint.

No matter what stage of your life you find yourself in, whether you’ve done a lot of thinking about your legacy or this is all new to you, we hope to become a trusted partner in the journey.  Don’t put off legacy planning any longer. Get organized for the sake of your loved ones and causes you love.

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Creating a charitable trust was a benchmark of a lifetime…signing was a celebration of our ability to appreciate and thank two universities that empowered us; two schools in which we did our life work; and the church that sustained and steered us on our path. The gifts mean our work will continue after we are gone, developing citizens for the world and the future.”

“A lot of people don’t like to think about legacy issues, but Christy’s demeanor and process was extremely helpful and prompted important discussions. She helped us see the most tax-advantaged ways to leave an appropriate amount for our heirs—but also for ministries we care about—and effectively double our money.”

The discussions were very structured which helped keep us on track and stay focused on what we were there to accomplish. It also prompted my spouse and I to have follow-up discussions outside of our meetings.”

“The worksheets! The charts! The visual presentations were significantly better than numerical presentations. Sizes, proportions, and directions were represented. Suddenly I could “see the big picture.”

[Apex] provides a unique personalized service that is insightful, eye-opening, confidential, with patience to work with us through this important estate planning process.”

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