Meet Denny and Bonny: Using a Legacy Plan as a Leadership Tool

Our clients Denny and Bonny have a deeply-rooted belief in giving back to the nonprofits and ministries that mean the most to them. When they created their legacy plan with Apex, they reached some practical goals–caring for their adult children and maintaining the vacation home that means so much to their family–but celebrated their financial philosophies, too. By involving their children in managing a donor-advised fund, and breaking eventual inheritances into bite-sized and tax-efficient pieces, they’re leading by example. Here’s their story.

Meet Pete: A Self-Proclaimed ‘Pseudo-Parent’

A self-proclaimed “pseudo-parent” invests in the next generation through strategic legacy gifts and support of Hudson Hospital Foundation’s behavioral health initiatives. Pete might not be what comes to mind when […]

Meet John and Carolyn: Octogenarians Counting Their Blessings

They first came across the Apex legacy planning program when they began asking USM whether the school had anything a “memorial garden” like the pair had seen at Lawrence University. They thought a similar garden could create a unique and beautiful space for USM alumni and faculty–themselves included–to be remembered after they’re gone. The discussion about their eventual burial and memorial wishes led to questions about their will and wider estate plans, and the USM advancement team connected them with Apex.